A Quick Look at Where a Few Social Media Platforms Are Right Now
Posted by seosurreyweb, 09/09/2017 8:18 am

Social media has evolved from an explosive gimmick to a tried-and-true method for marketing and for connecting with people. 10 years ago, and only one or two social media platforms were even widely used. Now, half of those are dead and hundreds of much less popular ones have replaced them? So, where is social media now? Below is a brief snapshot of how some of the biggest social media platforms are adjusting into 2017 and beyond.


Facebook has seen some drops in usage, but these drops are unlikely to make any major changes in the near future. Facebook has been so large for so long that it will take a lot to bring it down. Some critics and experts are suggesting that the platform is on its last legs. Considering new acquisition rates in millennials, it is not a flawed argument. Regardless, Facebook will likely be a valuable part of Search Engine Optimisation Surrey for a while now.

Google Plus

Google Plus is such an oddity in the world of social media. For one, it has the backing of Google. But, this backing has not elevated Google Plus into the stratosphere. Contrarily, it has only kept the platform on life support for this long. Google Plus is only still around because Google has many to spend and pride to uphold. The platform is a consistent performer in search engine optimization, and will likely remain a player for marketers.


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Twitter has had an edge in social media because it was designed to be fundamentally different. Refined to 140 characters, Twitter became a meme-worthy addition to social media. It is also a staple in Web Design Surrey. Twitter has only become more popular as a celebrity tool for people to engage with individuals they admire and trust. It will stick around for some time on this basis alone as follower usage continues to increase.

Social media is settling into its formative years where it is learning what kind of "person" it wants to be. Will social media be the little step-brother of web marketing or the main strategy deployed by experts? Both seem likely at this point.


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